Marcia running the roads all over the world!

Hello, my name is Marcia and I am a KLM Road Runner!
My running career started quite late, some 5 years ago I think? When a good friend asked if I wanted to join the Electric Run in Amsterdam with her. I did, really had to train for it, although I was doing Zumba and other sports. And so it began. Since then I’ve been running the 8K of the TCS Amsterdam marathon each year and last year I finally had the guts to apply for the Dam to Damrun! As 10 English miles is quite a lot, I had to train for that as well. Which I obviously did, in the Haarlemmermeerse Bos (Forest), together with other (former) KLM staff in a training class. Through this training I met people who are members of the KLM Road Runners club. (more information on
So, in September last year, after having ran a horrible 10K during the Haarlemmermeer run, I decided to join this club. Wow! I should’ve done that years ago! It’s a wonderful bunch of people. Running is the common denominator, but having fun is more important!

Since I’ve joined them I ran a number of races, like the KLM Urban Trails in Haarlem, Amsterdam & Rotterdam and each time some Road Runners are present and we have a great time catching up. June 16 you can see me in Utrecht running the KLM Urban Trail.
Because KLM is celebrating its 100 year birthday this year, the KLM Road Runners have decided that ‘we’ as KLM need to host the upcoming World Airline Road Race (WARR). This WARR is held every year in a different location and is hosted by an airline; last year Air Canada hosted the WARR in Victoria, the year before Singapore Airline hosted the WARR in Singapore J, United Airlines hosted the run in Chicago, you get the idea. Almost every airline has their own sport teams with which they compete internationally with other airline employees.
The KLM Centennial Run, as it’s called, will be held Saturday 7 September. Distances to choose from are 5K or 10K. If you have the KLM News app, you must’ve seen an article come by last week. So if you are a runner and want to be part of this awesome event, go and find this article in the KLM Newsapp and sign up as from 29 June!
But if you are not a runner, but would like to begin (and train for the 5K of the Centennial run), did you know that KLM has started the KLM runningprogram? By the way, it is not just a running program, Yoga, walking and bootcamp sessions are part of it as well. Check KLM’s health site for more information and to sign up (it’s free 😉 )